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Published on: 17:32PM Oct 12, 2010

From Legacy Moment eNewsletter (10/08/2010)

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Your family operation will require leaders with a variety of professional skills and abilities. Leaders of tomorrow will fill positions and do jobs that are not even defined today. How do you measure up? Do you have the skills and abilities to help your family operation grow? If you’re fair to yourself and perfectly honest regarding the depth and breadth of your own capabilities, you should determine your value proposition – what are the quantifiable benefits that you will deliver to your family business?

iStock Wheat SunsetConsider the following questions:

1. What is your career objective, and what do you want to achieve?

2. What job characteristics do you most enjoy? Do you excel in team building, business systems, managerial duties, strategic alliance relationships, etc.?

3. What are your personal, professional and business goals? How do your professional and business objectives contribute to personal satisfaction?

4. Do you have the skills, abilities and resources to achieve your professional and business goals? If not, what are you doing to improve?

Career success, professional achievement and personal satisfaction are self-fulfilling prophecies. Each person chooses their level of success and achievement based on what they are willing to do to develop their professional skills and abilities.


On Deck…

In the upcoming Legacy Moments we’re going to learn from some respected leaders in their chosen field. I’ve asked…  

  • Paul Engler of Cactus Feeders to share his view of innovation.

  • John Harris of Harris Ranch to discuss keys to business success.

  • Kimberly Clauss of Clauss Dairies to offer words of advice for aspiring agripreneurs.

  • Jim Ostrom to speak about the future of the dairy industry.  


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