The Outcome of Humane Treatment

Published on: 16:11PM May 31, 2011

Grandin at white board 05 27 2011From Legacy Moment eNewsletter (05/27/2011)
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 It was a true honor to spend the day with Temple Grandin, in Denver, Colorado. As many of you are aware, Dr. Grandin is a well-respected expert in proper livestock handling techniques and the humane treatment of farm animals. She’s been instrumental in transforming the livestock industries in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand.

While her methods rest on the morals of proper treatment, her techniques generate positive results for the farmer, the animal and the consumer. Dr. Grandin serves on the scientific committee for Humane Farm Animal Care, an organization that certifies operations ‘humane’ based on some strict guidelines, including:
  • Access to wholesome and nutritious feed
  • Appropriate environmental design
  • Caring and responsible planning and management
  • Skilled, knowledgeable and conscientious animal care
  • Considerate handling, transport and slaughter
Look for my ‘Legends of Leadership’ interview with Dr. Temple Grandin on a future episode of ‘Leave a Legacy.’
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