Weathering the Onslaught

Published on: 14:11PM Feb 01, 2011

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Farming is the quintessential family business. Family farms are the backbone of America’s sovereignty. We lead the world in food production. In the 2010 edition of “America’s Diverse Family Farms,” the USDA tells us that "Ninety-eight percent of farms [in the U.S.] are family farms, and they account for 82 percent of [all] farm production."
Yet, beyond the normal challenges and overwhelming odds, family farms are being assailed by misguided special interests, unrealistic social demands and burdensome legislative pressures. As a farming community, we must band together and commit to make the decisions and take the actions necessary to save our family farms.

Though succession planning is not a cure-all, it does help the family focus on common goals and weather the onslaught. The future demands strong leaders, capital resources, a smooth generational transition and financial security for each active family member. Implementing a comprehensive succession plan is a giant step toward success.
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