When Is a New Year's Resolution Not Merely a Resolution?

Published on: 11:57AM Jan 03, 2012


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Answer: When it’s followed by action. The proverbial New Year’s resolution is nothing more than an opportunity to banter about your bucket list, a new diet program or some kind of behavioral change. Though well intended, most are dead on delivery. Resolutions are supposed to be about commitment and real change. So this year, how about trying something new?

Gather the family together, in person or using some form of technology, and commit to engage in the succession planning process. Express your concerns about the future and inform them that you intend to see the farm continue as a family legacy. Invite them to become part of the process and involve them in your quest.

If you’ve been waiting for the right time, it’s now. If you’re looking for the right information, it’s available through the Farm Journal Legacy Project. 2012 is a time for action:

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