Wishing You a Grateful Thanksgiving

Published on: 10:42AM Nov 20, 2012


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It's Thanksgivingthe time of year most Americans reflect on our nation's founding and appreciate those who came before us. That's really what succession is all about: celebrating our past, enjoying the present and planning for the future. Those who came before us faced the unknown and braved the unsettled to create a better life. It is our charge to learn from their experience and stand in their shadow to build a better future.

Today, we face unending challenge, rising costs, onerous regulation, a growing tax burden and increasing environmental concerns. But with each challenge comes greater opportunity. Like the pioneers of old, we face an unknown future. By employing educational advancements, research, technology and a growing sphere of experience, we can succeed. Using the virtues of hard work, self-reliance and independence, we can move beyond the possible and discover new horizons.
Using the past as our foundation and the present as a road map, we can create a path to the futurea much more prosperous future. Decide now. What do you want to pass on to the next generation? How do you want them to remember you? Will your story become part of family lore; are you one of the ancestors they'll point to as an exemplar of the good in our agricultural community?
You all belong to a special breed, apart from the rest. As American farmers, your collective efforts ensure that our legacy will carry on, not just in the history books but in daily life across the land for seasons to come...
I wish you a happy Thanksgiving, with the joy of family.
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It won't cost you much more this year to put Thanksgiving dinner on the table.
As you enjoy your feast, don't forget to make plans for you and your family to attend a Legacy Project Workshop in December.
These nine tips will help you prepare for your succession journey. 
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