Ag Electronics For Dummies

Published on: 08:57AM Feb 13, 2009
If you are coming to the NFMS or have already been there, did you notice how important electronics are to this industry? Because of our seasonal nature, we have to get up to speed on the processes that may only get used for a few days.  How are we supposed to retain that information and still be good at making it work when crunch time hits?  I need a new book, AG Electronics for Dummies!  I think the show needs to be renamed the AG Electronics and Machinery Show!

What about the units you are using now?  Are they intuitive or do they require cheat sheets, flash cards, or a whole library of books in the cab?  Are there practice formats you can use in the off season sitting in the office or cab?  It can be overwhelming and the important questions you ask of the sales reps may not have anything to do with iron.   A pilot maintains proficiency by practicing routines correctly and frequently.  He/she also remembers different sequences with the help of mnemonics.  It may take a whole mnemonic sentence to get through the correct steps for successful operation!

Enjoy the show, then tell me about the exciting new products you have seen while you visited the show, and what they may mean in your operation.