Mergers & Acquisitions

Published on: 20:09PM Jan 14, 2009
Take a little bit of this one, and a little bit of that one, and come up with a piece of equipment that marries the best of different manufacturers.  As good as design manufacturing is in this day of CAD and computer testing, there are times when a great design is not complete in all aspects of the tool. 
One design works great in one area, but lacks convenience or productivity in another area. You know another design would make a great merger so you make the acquisition to make the overall item more efficient and satisfactory. 

The ability to make an adjustment without the use of tools, an easier way to access critical frequent maintenance issues, or a design that simply works better when it hits the dirt are all dreams we have for that tool made for utopia.

What have you done in your operation that takes the best of different product or manufacturer lines and created the ultimate M&A?  What was the initial shortfall in design and how did you make it all come together?  Share a picture, drawing (coffee shop napkins ok) or descripition with all of us.  Information is not a dangerous thing!

Here's a for example.  I used heavier JD field cultivator shanks to upgrade my Case one pass tool for better consistency in penetrating fall chiseled ground that overwintered into a hard crust.  The C-spring style took a lot of abuse but the shank portion would take a set such that the sweep wouldn't stay level to the ground.  The shallower the tool is set, the more critical is the performance.