2009 the Year of the Utility Tractor

Published on: 10:20AM Oct 23, 2008
Recognizing the varying needs among tractor operators, John Deere has expanded their line up of small ag tractors. In fact, John Deere has 32 tractor models within the 32 engine hp to 140 engine hp range.
To learn more about how John Deere is manufacturing machines for this market, watch my video below in which I speak with Marketing Steve Geick from John Deere.  
Producers who can put these tractors to work include grain producers, livestock producers (beef, poultry, hogs, llamas, goats, catfish, etc…), hay producers, specialty crops and large property owners. Machinery Doc explained how he puts these compact workhorses to task around his farm.
And John Deere has designed their tractors for use with multiple attachments: loaders, hay tools, rotary cutters, and many other types of Frontier branded equipment.

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