If Fiat Gives Green Light, AGCO Seeks to Buy CNH

Published on: 09:41AM Dec 09, 2010

In numerous reports (referencing the same interview) it’s being said that AGCO CEO Martin Richenhagen met with Fiat's chief executive Sergio Marchionne within the past few days.

In that conversation Richenhagen said his company would like to acquire Fiat’s CNH, if the business was for sale.

So really the question remains, “Is CNH for sale?”

In November, AGCO finished the acquisition of Laverda from the ARGO Group, which effects the company’s European harvesting business. This business transaction evolved from a 50% joint venture.

In U.S. joint venture news, AGCO and Amity Technology have entered an agreement to develop and distribute air seeding and tillage equipment.

Since its formation in 1990, AGCO Corporation has acquired more than two dozen ag companies and brands.