What’s on My Radar for the Fall Farm Shows

Published on: 14:16PM Aug 25, 2010

It’s the time of year for the fall farm shows. Two things are guaranteed: we’ll all get rained on at least once and trek through some mud, and there will be a lot of new iron on display with Armor All on the tires to give it that extra sheen at the show.

As a lucky member of the media, sometimes I get sneak peeks of the machines that are about to be introduced. And sometimes I don’t. So I have a feeling we’re all in for surprises as the fall shows open their gates.

Here’s my short list of what I know is being introduced:

  • New high horsepower tractors

  •  Combines with greater harvesting power than ever before

  •  New-style tillage tools to tackle today’s residue challenges

  •  Technologies making record keeping and machinery maintenance easier

  •  Application equipment driven by farmer demand


And one more guarantee–I am sure that you and I both will uncover and stumble upon something that neither saw coming. Maybe you have some inside scoop of what to look for. If you do, I’d love to hear it. I never really like surprises. E-mail me: [email protected]