February 6 Scenario Bowl

Published on: 12:53PM Feb 03, 2011

A ball cap placed at just the right angle on top the TV. An old jersey pulled from a dresser drawer. A purposely unshaven face. Come Super Bowl Sunday, what more can a superstitious football fan do to influence the game’s outcome?

Coaches for Green Bay and Pittsburgh will take a different approach: planning, planning, planning. As if playing a chess match, coaching staffs will make decisions in advance for every possible scenario the opposing team might throw at them. Every single play in the game will involve scenario planning . . . “if they show blitz, we audible to ‘x.’” At halftime and throughout the game, coaches will be ready to take advantage of opportunities and minimize risk.
Even details outside the game—from flights to Dallas to evening activities—will require planning for different scenarios.
Winning takes planning for the unknown. It’s that simple. At Stewart-Peterson, we call it Market Scenario Planning. It’s our approach to help you deal with market uncertainties. We do not focus on where prices may go. Instead, we focus on preparing you for whatever the market may do.
Chances are you already apply scenario planning to your operation in one form or another. When you develop contingencies for planting crops, you’re using scenario planning. It’s simply the best method for approaching important decisions, and I encourage you to apply it to your marketing.
In Wisconsin on Super Bowl Sunday, I imagine scenario planning among fans will go something like this:
  • If Pittsburgh scores, I’ll move my seat and rearrange the ball cap on my TV.
  • If Pittsburgh gets ahead by 10, the Lombardi-era jersey goes back in the dresser.
  • If it appears the Packers might lose, I’ll brainstorm reasons for calling in sick on Monday.
  • If the Packers are up by three scores, I’ll reserve taunts until the game is clearly ours.
  • If the Packers are winning and have the ball with a minute to go, I’ll start posting cocky Facebook comments.
  • If the Packers win, how will I get off work for the victory parade?
Planning is a lot of work. It can also be a lot of fun.
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