My lawn in the City

Published on: 09:34AM May 05, 2009
I remember when I was a kid we had a couple of acres of lawn to mow every week. It didn’t seem like that big of a deal. During dandelion season my dad made us mow it twice a week just so it looked good enough from the road. We didn’t spray fertilizer or insecticide on it. There was no dethatching in the spring, or bagging of the grass clippings. I think in the fall we “mulched” the leaves that fell by mowing them with the riding cub cadet lawn mower.
Needless to say, I live in the suburbs now. I have a few weeds in my yard, and some patches that are all matted down. My next door neighbors don’t make fun of me, at least not to my face, but I can tell that they are proud their lawns look better than mine. I never thought I would spend much time on it other than the 8 minutes it takes me to push mow it once a week.
It always seemed odd to me that people in the city spend lots of money on lawn services that spray fertilizer and insecticide on the lawn. In the spring they are there with the dethatching machine, and in the fall they are back with the aerator, all this for a perfectly green yard that is free of dandelions, that they have to mow twice a week to stay ahead of it. I can just imagine their water bill in the summer, when my lawn is browning up in the summer during a dry spell; they have the water meter running overtime. I thought all of those activities are for people trying to make a profit raising crops, not for someone trying to get a green lawn.
Then one day last week, a close friend of mine stopped by the house. He told me I had the worst lawn on the block. Wow, that hit home, I knew it was bad, but the worst on the block? I don’t want to be the person in the neighborhood with the worst lawn, the second worst lawn would be o.k., but not the worst. I can just see the neighbor giving directions to their home someday “we’re the house just past the guy who’s got the worst looking lawn on the block”.
I was a bit ashamed once I thought about it. So sure enough the next day I called the lawn service, they came out and gave me an estimate, all this time I was right, my neighbors are spending a lot of money on the lawn service, and it looks like I will be too.
Here’s to keeping up with the Jones’s in the suburbs.