Animal Rights Becoming a Religion

Published on: 10:21AM Apr 22, 2010

By Steve Cornett

Some time back, I shared my argument about animal rights becoming a religion for a lot of people who’ve lost that old time one.

Once, for some reason, I remember writing a ditty that I think sums up the way some religions and “religions” approach nonbelievers. It goes thus:

There is this darker side of man:
We must have some we're better than

I believe the official sociology 101 term for that might be tribalism or ethnocentricity. We just have an innate need to look down on somebody. Rich guys look down on poor guys, regarding us as lazy or incompetent, and poor guys look down on rich guys for being—see any recent political argument—“greedy.”

So, anyhow, I laid out the argument the same way I do carpentry work: amateurishly. And I stick by it, but it’s always nice to find out somebody with more degrees and edification than I seems not only to share a belief, but is capable of making it sound smart:

You can read it by clicking on this link, where Dr. Paul Rubin draws some interesting parallels between environmentalism and religion.

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