Britain's pricey take on steak

Published on: 09:57AM Aug 13, 2008

Your reporter is making a bit of a sacrifice here. Regular blog responder Nuffeld offered this advice last week when we visited the concept of suddenly higher beef prices:

Tuesday, August 05, 2008 9:48 AM by: Nuffield
The price of a porterhouse in the US is 1/3 of the cost of the equivalent cut in Europe. This fact was from a mate of mine out of UBS. All eyes are on what is likely to happen to US meat values in the coming year. Exports will drive this story ... and it will surprise how the removal of trade restrictions from the past will likely accommodate the movement of your cheap meat. Lets see where the trade goes ...

You can get a pretty bland steak for
$40 in London.

This is something we need to know about, so here I am in London. Eating beef to see how high priced it is. I’m not sure what is the equivalent cut of a porterhouse. But yesterday I paid 21 sterling, which would be the equivalent of $39, for a grass fed, perhaps cow, T-bone.

It was tough and poorly marbled. It was what one would expect to eat at one of those low-end steak houses in the States. Except it was $39. Ala carte if you don’t count the mushy tomato.

I’ve been looking at the beef in the grocery, as well. No porterhouses, but the vacuum packed sirloin looks to be the equivalent of $8.75 per pound.

Again, this is London. These are a people without taste buds. I’m a bit surprised the t-bone wasn’t boiled. But this weekend, we’re heading for France.
I’ll look into the horse meat issue while I’m there.