PETA boils a frog

Published on: 07:36AM Sep 25, 2008
By Steve Cornett 
            We’ve admitted in the past to being very scared of the animal rights movement. Cattle producers are sort of like the frog in the pot of heating water. Society’s ethics are changing so slowly that at no point do we realize that we must jump.
            Latest example: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals asks Ben and Jerry’s to use human milk to make ice cream. A stupid idea. One PETA correspondent calculated it would take 9 women nearly 24 hours to produce enough milk for one gallon of ice cream. Stupid.  
            So stupid that every news outlet in the country ran the story. While the beef checkoff is cutting its promotion budget, PETA is gathering millions of dollars worth of free publicity for its cause.
            PETA is very, very good, you know. Acting stupid does not mean you’re stupid. As we’ve argued before, if you say something that is so stupid only one in a million people agree, you can still get yourself 300 stupid converts in the U.S. Say each of them coughs up a hundred bucks a year and you’ve got a nice business going. Say enough stupid things and you might wind up like PETA, generating $29 million a year.
            We’re not going to have human-based ice cream. Some Idi Amin kind of guys, maybe. But nobody else. PETA knows that. They aren’t stupid. But you can bet the publicity has gained them more than 300 new members.
            I’m not sure who that makes stupid. But, while cattle organizations> continue to argue over how the pie is cut nobody seems to be worried about>
 how fast the pie is shrinking.
Have you noticed the water is a little warmer than it was before the PETA flap?