Jim Leachman Charged with Starving Horses

Published on: 20:58PM Jan 24, 2011

Check out this story from Jan Falsted at the remarkably good Billings Gazette that will sadden anybody who remembers the glory that, so few years ago was Leachman Cattle Co. This free market stuff can be so cruel.

Here’s a personal aside, if it’s ok with the editors-that-be:

I’m mostly retired to the ranch—out to pasture, so to speak—but at the moment the doctor has me confined to the indoors under orders not to do any “housework or yardwork” for a while. I believe I’ll spend a little more time looking around for interesting stuff to read and comment on. Just to get under Ringman’s skin, if for no other reason.

If you hear of something interesting, drop me a line please at [email protected]

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