More Evidence Beef Protectionists are Wrong, Wrong, Wrong

Published on: 16:26PM Jun 02, 2011

So, those of you who think we don’t need to export beef, please refer yourself to Mark Bittman’s latest anti-meat diatribe in the New York Times. You can read it at

Importantly, also read the comments. That, my friends, is the cutting edge of societal progress. That attitude is chic. If it weren’t it, wouldn’t be in the New York Times.

The fact that one of the world’s leading newspapers would feature a food writer with such animus toward meat should tell you all you need to know about the future of U.S. beef demand. The world’s population is increasingly able to afford adequate protein.

There is beef’s future. If we ignore it, if we fail to grasp the meaning of “mature market,” we stand to watch our cattle herd continue to shrink.