4H And My Journey!

Published on: 12:21PM Mar 22, 2010
I want to start off by saying 4H changed my life in many ways. 

One of the ways it has changed me is that 4H has helped me get over my shyness of speaking in front of "large" groups. I am not a shy personality but when it came to speaking in front of groups of people I was. Even though it has been 5yrs since I started I still am getting over the nerves of speaking in front of people. 

I got started in 4H when my mom saw a posting on a homeschool group about a 4H group. The leader of the 4H group had a sheep farm with chickens as well and that's where it all started! 


That is where I got started with sheep,chickens and farm animals all together. Chickens were the first farm animal I had ever had any part in taking care of. I hatched my first set of eggs myself in the summer of 08'. Out of that batch came 4 bantams (small chickens; 2 buff silkies',1 Cochin frizzle bantam and one Cochin mix. I only have the Cochin frizzle bantam now. 


Then in the summer of 09' my 4H leader at the time was breeding some of her sheep, so we made a deal that I could get the offspring of one of the pairs she was breeding. Well the result of that was a beautiful Leicester Longwool Ewe named Savannah Mae. Savannah Mae was 1yr old on Feb 18, she is about to become a mommy of her own in April! Savannah Mae is now being boarded at a different farm.

Due to personal reasons I have started a new 4H club and the leader of that 4H club owns a farm and has beef cattle. I will soon be showing beef cattle at the upcoming fairs this summer. 

Ever since I was a little kid I wanted to be in a career to either help people or animals. It went from police when I was very young to small animal vet when I was about 10 to Large animal vet a couple months ago. Know thanks to 4H I have learned what I want to major in. My choices as of right now have been slimmed down to either Animal Science or Ag Education. 

Most importantly I have learned the Motto 

(I pledge my HEAD to clearer thinking 
my HEART to greater loyalty
my HANDS to larger service and my HEALTH to better living for my club, my community, my country and my world. 


Before I end this post I want to say thank-you for letting me blog here on Agweb! Hope you enjoy my blogs! 

Dee Dee