Chicks have hatched!

Published on: 11:11AM Mar 29, 2010
Hi All,
 Our chicks have hatched! The eggs are from the coop at the farm. They are all Americauna crosses because the one and only rooster in the coop is an Americauna. 
We set the eggs in the incubator March 7th. They stay there for about 21 days. On day 18 you put them on "lockdown" where you stop turning the eggs, you try not to open it etc. 

On day 20 it started! Since day 20 which was Friday, we have had 13 healthy chicks hatch! They are all happy and healthy little peeps! It is amazing how The chicks stay there for just 21 days and develop from little minuscule dots to full grown chicks! When they come out they are all scrunched up! Amazing how they fit into those tiny little eggs! 

Dee Dee