A Nervous Rex

Published on: 00:20AM Sep 21, 2009

One fine day several years ago I received an email from an unhappy reader from San Diego. He expressed his unhappiness with me because I had been insensitive and how (I am not kidding here) I was making fun of people of “short stature.” (See cartoon below). He explained how difficult it was for people of short stature to “cleanse themselves” after using the restroom and then went on to describe in painfully accurate detail just how people  of short stature go about “cleansing “ themselves. I will spare you the details but let’s just say it wasn’t the kind of subject you’d bring up at, let’s say for example, Thanksgiving dinner. So what’s my point here? Quite simple, really. I can draw the silliest, cartoon and by gosh somebody out there will be offended. Now I am not paranoid by nature but every now and again I wonder if I’m being watched  and if I so much as step out of line I’ll be busted by  the very long arm  of the Politically Correct Police.



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