It's cold no matter how you slice it

Published on: 01:28AM Dec 09, 2009

One of the cool things about having good friends is the sport of giving each other a hard time. My buddy in Oregon and I do that quite often. I take great pleasure in him texting him up to the minute camera-phone photos of the blue skies in my area and  then leaving him  voicemails telling him it’s t-shirt weather and it must be really, really cold in his neck of the of the woods. (And it really is in the woods). Today I awoke to a voicemail from my friend telling me it was five degrees at his home this morning...BRRR! I was feeling pretty smug and was all ready to send him another “picture perfect day by the coast” photo but when I went out the get the paper there was frost on all the grass and for me, not dressed wintery...BRRR! I know many folks live in much less temperate climates than I do and you think I’m probably just a big whiner and to tell you the’d be right. I moved from the high desert ten years ago and I don’t miss the winter wind chill at all...And it really was almost always windy... BRRRRR! They say that desert living makes hardier people. They may be hardier but I’ll bet they’re colder too. Anyway, it’s supposed to be in the twenties tonight...BRRRR! But even so, it’s supposed to be in the single digits at my buddy’s house, and even then he says it may get colder. That can only mean one thing...the wurst is yet to come.

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