One ringy dingy...two ringy dingy...

Published on: 01:48AM Jul 15, 2009

Thank goodness for caller I.D. It has saved me from countless annoying telemarketers. In the old days before caller I.D. and voicemail and even answering machines people actually had to answer the phone and hope it wasn’t somebody selling something. For polite people it was a nightmare. There have been many tricks devised to escape from unwanted callers such as telling the telemarketer to hold on for a minute and then putting the phone down for an indefinite amount of time or my favorite technique which I heard a comedian use in his routine. I can’t remember his name but here’s how it went... A telemarketer calls and you answer the phone. You politely listen for a bit, then, while giving a thoughtful response you hang up on yourself. No one would ever cut themselves off, right?! I know one thing for sure. If I was a telemarketer I’d begin to think that nobody ever wanted to talk to me. In fact I’ll bet that eventually it would get so bad that I’d have to go to a therapist to deal with all of my hang ups.

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