The Friendly Skies?

Published on: 16:48PM Jun 11, 2009

Traveler’s log entry #1: Received a phone call at 5AM this morning. It was a lovely, prerecorded courtesy call from my airline. My flight to New York had been cancelled. (Not happy). Spent the next hour and a half on hold. (Not happy.) Was told there were no available flights. (Not happy.) Airline agent found one flight with a stop in Dallas. (Happier.) Twenty minutes later, I received a courtesy call from my airline. Due to thunderstorms in the Dallas area, my flight would be cancelled. (Not happy again.) Very cheerful airline representative searched for other flights and could not find any. (Even unhappier now.) But then, a miracle! Angelic airline representative found another airline which could accommodate us. (Happier.) We actually get in an hour earlier than our previously, rebooked flight. (Happy...for the moment.)

(Please note: The following cartoon has nothing to do with the above blog post except that after having two flights cancelled and being on hold for over an hour and a half, I felt like SCREAMING!!!)

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