The pursuit of happiness

Published on: 12:50PM Oct 29, 2009


I am happy to report that both my recent cartoony shows in Roseburg and Corvallis Oregon went smashingly well. Nothing like a standing room only

crowd to make a goofy cartoonist feel appreciated! See:
 Cartoonist Leigh Rubin brings laughs and lessons 

and: ‘Rubes’ cartoonist: Keep it fun

I came home and had one day to prepare for my presentation to the California Assessor’s Association, which was a real pleasure. It’s always gratifying to leave a room of smiling people...and they’re not just smiling because you are leaving the room. It got me thinking...what would life be like without laughter? Let’s suppose for just a minute the world was void of humor. This planet would be an awfully dull place, not to mention I’d be out of a job. I like to think I provide a valuable service. (At least that’s what I keep telling my wife!) I know that if I can bring a bit of cheer into someone else’s day it makes me happy and that’s a daily goal worth pursuing.


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