Totally Clueless

Published on: 00:02AM Aug 24, 2009

I mentioned in an earlier blog post that crossword puzzles are not my strongpoint. I find them incredibly frustrating especially when I “know” a couple of words that intersect perfectly but then a third word doesn’t work out at all. Sometimes the correct words are so obvious (after I peek at the answer page) that I can’t believe I didn’t figure them out. Fortunately the only time I even try my hand at crosswords is when I am stuck flying somewhere and I’ve exhausted all of the other reading material in the seatback pocket. Yep, in an act of desperation I’ll even flip through the Sky Mall catalog looking at all the overpriced and stuff and ask myself, “Who buys these things?!” To which I give the same answer as I do to many of the crossword hints...”I haven’t a clue.”


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