Driving us to distraction

Published on: 12:28PM Sep 25, 2010

Oh boy. My youngest son just passed his online driving course and now all he has to do is go to the local Department of Motor Vehicles and take a written test so he can get his driving permit. You would think that after being through this twice before I would have gotten used it but that is just not the case. He is already excited about driving to school (with me in the car of course) but the thought of sitting there in the passenger seat in my pre-coffee, zombie-like state each morning while he shuttles himself to high school does not thrill me in the least. I suppose on the bright side, in the not too distant future, he will be able to drive himself here, there and everywhere and that will save my wife and me countless hours of taxiing-schlepping time which can be much better spent on important things...like constantly worrying about where our son is and when he will be safely home. Oh boy.

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See the fun interview in the Wisconsin State Journal about Leigh's upcoming visit to Madison:

Cartoon cows on parade - Madison.com

Be sure to catch Leigh’s cartoony show in  Madison, Wisconsin (During the World Dairy Expo!) on October 1st! For details see:




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