Published on: 22:19PM Jan 03, 2011

As I have gotten older it happens more frequently that it used to. No, I am not referring to an overactive bladder, at least not yet. I’m talking about forgetfulness. To be precise, that odd phenomenon when you walk into a room to get something and then as soon as you reach your intended destination you forget what you went there for in the first place, that is until you walk all the way back to where you started. One trick to circumvent this situation is to repeat to yourself out loud why it is you are going to that other room in the first place. This works but be prepared to receive strange looks along the way. Even the dog tilts his head when I walk from one end of the house to the next endlessly repeating, “Printer cartridge, printer cartridge, printer cartridge...” It also depends upon not getting interrupted while on route. For example, I’ll be on my way to the garage to get a screw driver (the tool, not the drink), repeating over and over again “screw driver. Screw driver, screw driver...” when, as I pass by my wife she asks me to take something out of the oven. As soon as that happens it’s instant amnesia. (Funny how this never happens when I am actually going to get a screw driver, the drink not the tool).  I find that this is why shopping with a list is so important. There have been a few times when I have been listless (that is to say without a shopping list, not the state of lethargy) and I have had to wander up and down each aisle until I came across what I was looking for. That can be exhausting and leave one listless (the lethargic kind not the condition of having no shopping list). The important point I am trying to make her is that, oh, wait a minute...I’ll be right back. My wife wants me to take something out of the oven...Okay, I’m back....Now what exactly was the point I was trying to make?Forgetfullness


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