The Rubes Cow Guitar, Part 2

Published on: 21:30PM Oct 26, 2011

If you read my last blog post, you learned just how much a cow looks like a guitar and vice versa...

So who knew just how much fun it would be to bring the Rubes Cow Guitar to the World Dairy Expo? And  who knew how many very talented guitarists would be attending the Expo? Well, we found out when during the course of the Expo we were treated to a variety of rock, country, jazz, blues and more. WISC-TV (CBS) even popped by and did a very fun interview featuring Cow Guitar, which you can see here: Rubes Cartoons' Creator Visits World Dairy Expo In Madison. And The Country Today published a terrific feature article on the guitar as well: Moosic-Man cow guitar to make debut at World Dairy Expo.

So you are probably assuming that yours truly enjoys picking out a tune or two now and again, right? Well, the sad truth is that my musical ability (or lack thereof) is positively pitiful. My wife and three sons are all "musical" and my brother is a professional musician, but I am afraid that the only musical talents I possess are paying for music lessons...and of course, playing air guitar.


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Air Guitar 2

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