Thrilled to Death

Published on: 13:25PM Nov 07, 2010

Never been a big fan of roller coasters. No sir, not one bit. Tried many times but roller coasters are just not for me, or to be more accurate, my stomach. When I was a kid I was able to tolerate the Matterhorn ride at Disneyland but for some reason after I passed my teens I lost all interest.  Oh, I tried to get into it to show my kids I could handle it. Several years ago my family went to Six Flags Magic Mountain and after what seemed like an eternity of dips and bumps and stomach-churning turns I stumbled off the ride and staggered around for the next 45 minutes in a nauseous daze. I decided that was it and I would never subject myself to such a nightmarish experience ever again.  How wrong I was. Now each day I have the pleasure of experiencing all the thrills that come with my youngest son driving to school with me as the passenger/instructor. It’s a good thing I eat breakfast after I get home.



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Zoo in a Box Cover 2011

The Rubes cartoony show comes to Eugene, (Nov.9th) and Ashland, Oregon (Nov. 10th!)

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The New York critics agree, Leigh's cartoony show is a hit! See:

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