CRP Court Decision Hurts Ranchers

Published on: 06:17AM Jul 21, 2008

Dear AgWeb,

I agree with Mr. W.D.Granzow ("Tired of Wildlife Interest Groups Blocking CRP Grazing," July 18) and have sent the following letter to The National and Kansas Wildlife federations:

In light of the recent court decision to stop Critical Feed Use on CRP acres and your direct involvement on the issue, I have decided to no longer allow permission for recreational use of my CRP for your members. Area livestock producers are in vital need of livestock feed to provide to their herds and as a result of your actions YOU have denied them that ability. As a result some may have to eliminate a portion of, or perhaps eliminate their entire heard as severe drought has resulted in nearly a hundred percent loss in native pasture in my area. You have caused great damage to many producers.

So, this fall when hunting season arrives I will be asking those wanting to hunt if they are a member of your organization, if so, that opportunity afforded to them in the past will be stopped as your court order stopped my emergency feed use. In addition I will inform my neighbors and anyone else I may come in contact with, of my intentions in hopes they may join me in my efforts. I am very disappointed in your action. Since when is recreation more important than food production?

Jim Rice
RR2 Box 95
Liberal KS 67901

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