Healthcare Worries

Published on: 11:21AM Aug 24, 2009

Having grown up on a small farm, I know how tough it can be on families to make a go of it.  That is why I want your membership to really investigate the rules for this new government healthcare. 
As I understand it from my reading, if you don't have healthcare to begin with or lose your healthcare, you are automatically enrolled in the government option.  If you are on the government option, the IRS has electronic transfer power to take your premium from your bank account. 
If you don't have the money in your bank account (and most small farmers don't have money in their accounts between planting and harvest time--I remember this from when I was a kid), what does the IRS do???  SEIZE YOUR ASSETS???  What if you have a bad year???  What if you desperately need a new piece of equipment to keep your farm going and the government decides you can't have it by way of forcing you to buy their healthcare instead?? 
Maybe I’m not understanding this right, but I THINK I am.  I think it would be the beginning of the end for family farms. 
Thank you for listening, Darlene