Help for Rural Fire Departments

Published on: 16:43PM Sep 15, 2009

We are in south-central Missouri with NO nearby hydrants, so we rely on ponds or rivers for water resupply. We have 3 tankers now (sometimes more trucks than drivers) to provide water for our department as well as several other districts with less equipment. We can refill in dry weather with a pumper/engine. However, in wet conditions we risk getting a heavy, expensive fire truck stuck, sometimes many yards from any road. Our solution is to use an engine driven water pump mounted in a 4x4 pick-up (we already have) with 600ft of hose to pump water from any source to road access for tanker refill.
We have limited finances (volunteer fire department) and any grant we investigate does not consider such things as essential since they are biased for urban settings. We know no-one to talk to regarding finding any old used -but functioning pump like an irrigation pump. We would love a donated pump and can provide a tax-deductible donation receipt; or information to point us in a good direction.
Perhaps you could even set up a small spot in your magazine for rural emergency services to ask/exchange needs?  I’m sure MANY rural departments would be grateful.
J. Don Stewart
South-Central Missouri