Not Enough Being Done To Promote E-85

Published on: 16:13PM Sep 27, 2008

Dear Agweb,
Your list of the vehicles that run on E-85 was a dismal failure ("Complete List of Flex-Fuel Vehicles Available," Sept. 26). Of course, you can pass the blame to the manufacturers, but what kind of incentive is there to the manufacturers to create new models that run on this fuel? What are the various ag groups doing to promote the use of E-85?
Also, why isn't there a push to find those reliable locations and mechanics that convert gas fueled engines to run on E-85? I have received one offer and the price seemed reasonable, but I had no way of knowing if the outfit was one to be trusted.
SO, why can't ag groups push for the original manufacturers to offer conversions?
Norm Morford
Indianapolis, IN

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