Argentina Soybean Seeding

Published on: 16:37PM Oct 26, 2009

Argentina: Bolsa de Cereales de Buenos Aires officially indicates a record soybean area for this season in Argentina: 19 million hectares.
It means about 7% more land than last year. It may results in 50 million tons of beans, about 20 mt more than last year, when a historical drought affected the major producing regions.
Weather stills a threat, once El Niño is expected to be different this year. Some climate agencies forecast a drought period for Southern States in Brazil, and it’s very near Buenos Aires’ and Missiones’ regions in Argentina.
Brazil: Many regions in Brazil starts seeding in good conditions of rain. Mato Grosso and Goias started two weeks ago, and Northern states may be starting this week as some showers happened. For Southern States, rained good by last weekend, and there is a hail alarm for this week.