South American Soybeans

Published on: 15:17PM Dec 23, 2009

Brazil - About 90 days after planting the crop 09/10 soybean, producers in Mato Grosso started early grain harvest in the state, maintaining the tradition of offering the first tons of new Brazilian crop before the turn of the Year, works still restricted to smaller areas are being made in two of the main regions of the variety.
Although the continuous rains, and some Asian Rust focus, the yields in the beginning are positively surprising producers: about 45bu/acre, what is considered good for early soybeans.

With the progress of harvesting, Mato Grosso is up to break records this crop, both in area as in production, even with a projected yield 1.66% down last crop. According to the Mato Grosso Institute of Agricultural Economics (IMEA) will be 6.07 million hectares grown to an expected 18.22 million tonnes. With theses results the state will have its third largest crop in area planted and higher and volume.
From: Diário de Cuiaba
Argentina – Main comment in Argentina is about the Ojo de Rana (free translation: Frog Eye), a stain in the leaves ‘caused by a fungus named Cercospora Sojina, and in this season is occurring too early in this culture. The most affected regions is some of the most important for soybeans, Córdoba and Santa Fé. As this disease never happened this way, there isn’t a known solution.
Specialists believe it’s happening due to particular temperature variation and delay of the rains in this season. Also the continuous soil use for the same culture contributes for diseases evolution.
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