Hailstorm Ravages Brazil

Published on: 08:53AM Dec 16, 2011

A hailstorm last night affected several farms in southern Brazil. In the major grapevine region of Brazil, about 80% of the crop was lost in 20 minutes of hail. Fruit farms were also affected, losing the whole production of peach and other seasonal fruits.

Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina states are also the bigger tobacco producers in Brazil, and were hardly damaged. Growers from an important region had done two harvests so far, and more 4 – 5 was up to start in the next following days, but was totally damaged by the hail.

Some soybean and corn crops were also damaged in the west of Santa Catarina state, and north of RS. Those are not such expressive areas, but these regions are also suffering with drought. 

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