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This week ending 1/22/10 I have been buying December Corn $4 puts for around $.10, find out how.

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 Do you pay $10,000 or $20,000 for a big name firm, let alone if you can profit beyond your hedge the % they take out of your profits, and all you get in return is an opinion where they think the market is going, and outdated ways to take advantage of the market? Break the cycle of being part of the herd mentality. What is right for your neighbor is not always right for you. Each farmer is an individual and should be treated as such. Each farmer has a different story in everything from is he renting or own, where has he locked in costs, how far from the elevator and so on. I have been trading soybeans and corn since I bought my first membership in 1976, and spent the first 13 years trading them daily in the pit for my own account. I started trading options since their inception in Chicago over 20+ years ago and I am considered an options expert. Being a current member of the CBOT, a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) and trading over $1 million in a fund account, I am no stranger to the soybean and corn market, I know the best strategy to implement based upon your thoughts, ideas, and need for risk protection, with known margin money strategy (I will be your market strategist). I also educate you to my strategies so you will know exactly what you are doing and understand them.

It is my opinion based upon what I see offered out there, that the service I provide stands above all others. More important than the fact my costs are more reasonable, I feel that my strategies using options outperforms all the rest. I feel the best they could do is equal what I provide.

Other services it seems, concentrate on the fundamentals, but my clients tell me there is a big difference when it comes to the reality of trading, and that is where they see the biggest difference on what I provide. My options knowledge provides what many others have not even thought about, and after a market moves up or down, and how to better the position to maximize profits. My daily numbers service makes it a complete learning experience and the ability to know exactly what I am thinking and actually trading, is a big plus. I share my 34 years of real time trading knowledge and 20+ years of trading grain options with you. 


I also provide psychological guidance to help clients except reality of locking in a profit that they are happy with and still have upside potential, rather than do nothing and gamble looking for even more profits. I as a trader use the market to gamble, I make sure my farmers know that I want them to use the market to take the gamble out of their equation.
I work with each producer directly, spend time learning exactly their needs, and explaining what it is they need to do in order to accomplish their goal in marketing. Almost always when I execute their options strategies, I use a 3 way call with the client on the phone when I call down to the trading floor, and they can listen when I tell my friend (CBOT member) to time stamp an order, tell him the account number and what I want to do, then he goes into that option pit and calls out and asks what's there (quote the bid and offer) on let's say an option spread, and we can actually hear the bid and offer for that right now, we can work the order and move our bid and offer, and we almost always get a much better fill than a market order. You can hear what is there and know just how good a fill price you got. No "man behind the screen", or I have to call the desk, which then takes it to the pit, and then the broker tells the bid and offer, and by the time your "guy" calls you back, the market is nowhere near where it was before. 

Do yourself a favor, and look for a better way to market than what you have now.
Make sure you do not gamble with your farm. Sometimes that means to lock in just enough profit to get you to next year. But at the least you will still be here next year. The person who gambles and looks to sell higher, could see prices so low when he is forced to sell, he loses everything. I tell all my producers, if you think the market is going higher, use your 2nd account to place that gamble, but let the farm be the one to sell it to you, we will see at harvest who is right, but the farm hedge will never be wrong. 

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