Storm Exchange Crop Projections Recap from December 9, 2008

Published on: 10:16AM Dec 16, 2008
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Today’s Commentary (12/16)
Over the past 7 days, the heaviest precipitation across the United States has been focused east of the Mississippi River.  However, heavy snow fell across the Dakotas and Minnesota this past weekend with the blizzard that moved through.  Also, snow is falling today across eastern Nebraska and Kansas, as well as Iowa, Missouri, and Illinois, where 2-4” is expected on average.  Temperatures in this region have plummeted on Sunday in response to the passage of the arctic cold front.  Yesterday, highs were generally in the single digits and low teens in the area, nearly 30ºF below normal.

In Brazil, anywhere from 0.25” to nearly 1” of rain fell in the key soybean and corn area of western Parana.  However, only trace amounts were found further to the south in Rio Grande do Sul.  In Argentina’s Grain Belt, around a half inch of rain fell in Córdoba over the weekend, with no rainfall reported in Santa Fe or the major growing areas of Buenos Aires.  The forecast for the next 7 days features rainfall chances in Parana and much of the Argentina Grain Belt.  However, amounts are expected to be less than an inch.

Wake-Up Weather for Tuesday, December 9th
  • Temperatures averaged 5-10°F below normal in the Midwest over the last 2-3 weeks
  • Cattle on the Southern Plains are being affected by a severe drought
    • Dryness limits pasturing
  • Reservoirs in California’s Central Valley are badly depleted
  • Scattered showers will develop in northeast Argentina and Rio Grande do Sul
  • Parana has seen 3 straight weeks of dry weather, but some help is on the way

Sleet and Snow Hampering Midwest Travel
  • A large winter storm is dominating central United States today
    • Snow from Wisconsin to Kansas and points northwestward
    • Beneficial rain will fall in the Mid South where it has become dry
  • Trough likely to dig into the western two-thirds of the US, brining very cold air by the weekend

The Goodnight Report for Tuesday, December 9th
  • Snow falling behind a front located on a diagonal from Illinois to Texas
    • Up to 4” possible in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri
  • Snow in the Upper Midwest possible this weekend
    • Behind the storm system, very cold air will rush in
  • Argentina Grain Belt saw around 0.25” of rain yesterday
    • Temperatures will only be in the 80’s to near 90ºF
  • Rain falling across southern Brazil today
    • Precipitation is needed as less than 25% has fallen over the past 30 days in the crop regions
  • Heavy rains in southeastern Australia are delaying the harvest and reducing the grain quality
Produced by Storm Exchange, Inc