Storm Exchange Crop Projections Recap from November 26, 2008

Published on: 10:07AM Dec 03, 2008
Today’s Commentary (12/3)
The western half of the United States has seen above normal temperatures over the past 7 days, with below normal readings east of the Mississippi River.  Significant precipitation was confined to the Southwest, Southeast, and the Eastern Seaboard.

Internationally, the Argentina Grain Belt saw heavy rains last week, but have turned dry start December and should remain so through the end of this week.  In southern Brazil, rainfall deficits are increasing with no significant rainfall in sight.  Ukraine’s growing areas should have a dry stretch of weather through early next week

Wake-Up Weather for Wednesday, November 26th
  • Strong thunderstorms erupted overnight in Argentina’s grain belt
  • A five inch rainfall deficit has built up since September 1st in Rio Cuarto in southern Córdoba
  • Twelve straight days of dry weather has eroded field moisture in southern Brazil
    • Little chance for rain over the next five days
  • Fields are freezing up in the US Midwest, allowing the corn harvest to advance toward completion
  • West Texas and Oklahoma need of moisture to refresh wheat and pasture growth
  • A very dry and warm stretch from late September  to mid November depleted field moisture in Ukraine
    • Unseasonable warmth will promote slow growth and development
Disappointing Rain in Texas, Welcome Showers in California
  • Corn harvest will finish with favorable weather
  • Texas drought damaging wheat and pastures
  • Washington wheat suffering in a dry fall
  • Southern California rainfall dampens wildfire risk
  • More rain needed in southeastern United States

Brazilian Crops on Verge of Decline in Dry Weather Pattern
  • Lack of rainfall in southern Brazil very unusual in a tropical climate
  • Subsurface soil moisture still adequate for now due to heavy November rain
    • Continued dryness will begin to noticeably drop levels
  • Sunshine and relatively low humidity will lead to high evaporation rates

The Goodnight Report for Wednesday, November 26
  • Rain falling in California and Great Basin
  • Central Texas to see showers by Thanksgiving night
  • Argentina’s Grain Belt expected to receive showers and thunderstorms over the next 7 days
  • Unsettled weather across Ukraine to bring more showers for the remainder of the week