The Goodnight Report for April 27, 2009

Published on: 17:41PM Apr 27, 2009
Rio Grande do Sul soybean production may be sharply reduced, due to intense drying at the end of the growing season that hindered pod filling and rushed maturity. Abnormal drying affected South Brazil as well as Argentina from mid March to mid April. Drought damage to Argentina soybeans was far worse, due to pre-existing dry conditions that already had weakened the crop. Rio Grande do Sul soybeans were still slated to make a favorable yield in early March, when agriculture officials toured this state.

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Minnesota and Iowa growers socked in more than 35% of their corn last week, before strong thunderstorms halted planting on the weekend. Eastern Midwest growers made little progress because of soggy field conditions.

Overall 17% of US corn was planted in the week boosting the total amount sown to 22%. That compares with a 28% for the 5-year average

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