The Goodnight Report for April 29, 2009

Published on: 17:16PM Apr 29, 2009
Rainfall has increased sharply in China’s top winter wheat growing areas since drought peaked in early February. Winter wheat production is apt to fall short of last year’s crop, but severe losses are no longer expected that may have prompted imports. Timely heavy rainfall has boosted productivity in the key wheat growing areas of North China.

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If wet weather continues in May as the forecast suggests Midwest growers may begin planting corn into soggy fields, against their better judgment, in an effort to beat the calendar. When this happens heavy farm machinery compacts the soil. This leads to a hardpan in the soil that forms a barrier for corn roots. Instead of developing deeply, the roots spread out horizontally and are concentrated in a shallow layer near the surface. Then, if the summer turns hot and dry, corn plants rapidly succumb to moisture stress.

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