The Goodnight Report for January 16, 2009

Published on: 14:47PM Jan 16, 2009
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Midwest Weather Update: Another bitterly cold day is ongoing across the Midwest this afternoon.  This morning, temperatures dipped below -30ºF in parts of Minnesota, northern Iowa, northwestern Illinois, and southwestern Wisconsin.  A co-op observer near Necedah, Wisconsin, recorded a low of -42ºF.  Below 0ºF readings were found as far south as Missouri and Kentucky.  This marks temperatures anywhere from 25ºF to as much as 45ºF below normal.  This afternoon, temperatures are barely getting above 0ºF from Minnesota through Chicago and Detroit.  As a note, yesterday's report of a -37ºF reading in Rochelle, Illinois, was deemed to be a malfunction according to the Illinois State Climatologist.  A co-op site in Elizabeth, Il, this morning reached -33ºF per the NWS, so the the -36ºF state record is still intact.  Sterling, Il, did record a -36ºF this morning, but it is not climate-quality as it is an AWOS station run soley by the FAA versus an ASOS run in part by the NWS.

Moderation will arrive tomorrow as the deep trough departs the central US.  Tomorrow through the middle of next week should feature temperatures in the 20’s and 30’s from Minnesota and Iowa eastward into the Ohio Valley.  From South Dakotas to Kansas, 50’s and 60’s will be possible during this period, a remarkable shift from this week’s extreme cold.

Outside of some light snow in Iowa, Missouri, and northern Arkansas, most of the Midwest is dry today.  Tonight, a clipper system will swing down out of Canada bringing light snow to much of the Upper Midwest into the Great Lakes states through Sunday morning.  A general 2-4” should fall, with isolated amounts up to 6”.  Quiet weather is expected through the first half of next week, but a potent winter storm may develop toward week’s end.

Argentina Weather Update: Last evening southeastern Santa Fe received around an inch of rain from a passing thunderstorm.  However the rain missed the dense corn and soybean areas in the west.  Today, the entire Grain Belt is hot and dry with some areas approaching 100ºF.  Tomorrow will feature more of the same, before some scattered showers work their way in tomorrow evening in Buenos Aires.  They will move into southern Santa Fe and Córdoba overnight into Sunday before tapering off.  Rainfall generally looks to be under a half inch, but 1-2” may fall across northern Córdoba.   Santa Fe and northern Buenos Aires have seen less than 50% of normal rainfall over the past 30 days, so more rain is needed immediately.  Unfortunately, very hot and dry weather should return by Monday with the mercury nearing 100ºF again.  This is bad news for soil moisture, which continues to deteriorate.

Southern Brazil Weather Update
: Showers and thunderstorms persist over much of Parana today continuing a week-long stretch of wet weather.  Around 2” of rain has fallen over the past 7 days, with at least 3-5” since the start of the year.  This should help to prevent further crop losses, after corn and soy production were revised down 23.4% due to drought conditions in much of November and December of 2008.  To the south, Rio Grande do Sul has been drier, seeing only around 1” of rain in the past week, but still beneficial rain, nonetheless.  The rainy trend should continue into through the weekend with another inch or so possible, while southern Rio Grande do Sul is dry.  Luckily, the dense crop regions are in the northern portion of the state.  Signs point to moisture remaining in place through the first half of next week, which will help to maintain recent soil moisture improvements and limit evaporation from intense heat.

Produced by Storm Exchange, Inc