The Goodnight Report for June 9, 2009

Published on: 23:09PM Jun 09, 2009
Canada’s largest wheat province Saskatchewan has finished up with planting, but 73% of spring cereal grains were behind normal in development because of cold temperatures in early June. Frost was widespread last week. June cold is part of an ongoing cold weather pattern this spring and mirrors 2004 growing conditions, when the summer stayed cold.

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University of Illinois researchers predicted United States 2009 corn production may slip to 11.3 billion bushels, compared with 12.09 billion bushels in 2008, due to 30% of the country’s corn acreage being planted after May 20. Authors of the June 4 report Scott Irwin, Darrel Good and Mike Tannura claimed the impact of late planting was “very large and very negative” for national corn yields, and suggested the 2009 US corn yield may be only 148.6 bushels per acre, even if ideal weather occurs during the rest of the summer.

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A strengthening El Nino influence in the Indonesian Basin has reduced rainfall in the largest world palm oil producing countries Indonesia and Malaysia. Heavy rainfall was considered favorable for palm fruit development and high yields in palm oil, during La Nina’s reign last year.

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