The Goodnight Report for May 8, 2009

Published on: 18:03PM May 08, 2009
The Wheat Quality Council pegs the Kansas wheat yield at 40.8 bushels per acre, after touring the top US wheat producing state in early May. Storm Exchange predicts that Kansas wheat yield may finish much higher, near 46 bushels per acre. Wheat potential has been steadily improving on increasing spring rainfall and is following the same path as 2003, when the yield reached 48 bushels per acre.

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Corn planting advanced in the drier areas of the Western Corn Belt, but soggy fields prevented seeding in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan. Half the Midwest is still too wet to plant because of extremely heavy rainfall over the past 6 weeks.Worst field conditions were present in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan.

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Canada’s canola planting season is beginning slowly because of cold field temperatures and wet conditions in Manitoba and Eastern Saskatchewan.

April was 3-5 F colder than normal in the prairie provinces, hindering canola planting and explaining why vegetation was sparse in Western Canada in late April. Canola seeding normally starts in late April, as soon as fields thaw.

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