Wake-Up Weather for April 14, 2009

Published on: 11:01AM Apr 14, 2009
Questions about freeze damage in Oklahoma and Kansas: The top US wheat state Kansas reported only 37% of wheat in good-excellent condition and 19% poor-very poor on April 12th, down from the previous week. Freezing temperatures set back crop development, but only 3% of the state's wheat crop suffered severe damage, according to USDA. Only 20% of Kansas wheat was jointing and none had reached the boot stage when a hard freeze developed.
Oklahoma wheat was damaged more than Kansas, because 16-20% of the crop was in the vulnerable boot stage when temperatures fell into the low 20s (ºF).

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Cool, damp conditions delay Midwest corn planting: Only 2% of United States corn was planted by April 12th compared with 6% on average, virtually all of it in the Southern United States. Last week’s cold and damp weather made the spring planting season feel a long way off. Growers across the Midwest complained about the cold, wet weather that resulted in virtually no warming of soil temperatures.

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Rain for Eurpoean Rapeseed: The forecast is turning wet in France and the United Kingdom, a welcome change that will aid rapeseed development after several months of unusual dryness. Rapeseed farms are expected to receive .5 to 1 inch of rainfall with increasing showers and thunderstorms over the next week. The probability of showers continues high through Tuesday in an unstable weather pattern.

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