Wake-Up Weather for February 13, 2009

Published on: 08:44AM Feb 13, 2009
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Midwest Weather Update:  A 3-6” snowfall is likely today from Nebraska into southwest Iowa.  Some isolated locales in this region may see 7 or 8 inches.  Further to the east into northern Illinois and Indiana only an inch or two of snow is expected tonight into early Saturday morning.  After this fast-moving storm passes, much of Midwest should be dry through early next week.  By later next Tuesday, a mixture of rain and snow will be possible in areas that will see precipitation today.  Temperatures will return to near-normal readings over the weekend, lasting into next week.

Texas Drought:  Much of central and western Texas will remain rain-free for the next 7-10 days continuing the drought conditions that have plagued the area since mid-October.  The lack of rain continues to put stress on cattle ranches and the winter wheat crop.  The only industry benefitting from the drought is the state’s wineries.  Winemakers do not have to worry about excess rain ruining the quality of the wine.  They only deliver the exact amount of water the grapevines need.

California Rain
:  Another storm is moving through California today producing more heavy rain and mountain snows across the region.  While this storm may drop another half inch of rain or more to the valley, a more potent storm will arrive for the weekend.  As the storm moves onshore Saturday night, wind gusts up to 70mph will be possible, while heavy rains may cause mudslides, especially in areas ravaged by the summer wildfires.  Precipitation is likely to persist through Tuesday or Wednesday with this slow-moving storm with 2 to as much as 6” of rain, with several feet of mountain snow.  The barrage of storms should continue into late next week.

Argentina Update: Today marks the start of an extended period of hot and dry weather across much of the Argentina Grain Belt.  This afternoon, temperatures will soar into the 90’s from Córdoba to Buenos Aires with 100F heat over the weekend through early next week.  On Monday, a few scattered showers and thunderstorms may pop up across the region, put prospects on that are iffy at best.  An update on the rainfall chance will be in the Goodnight Report.

Produced by Storm Exchange, Inc