Wake-Up Weather for May 19, 2009

Published on: 09:53AM May 19, 2009
Illinois and Indiana are expecting a stretch of dry weather this week that will aid field drying and increase corn planting. Rainfall chances are low through Sunday. However, rainfall was so heavy last week that it may take that long for fields to dry out. April-May rainfall exceeds 150% of normal rain on many farms in both Illinois and Indiana, causing deep-layer wetness that has prevented planting.

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Soft red winter wheat is deteriorating due to fungus disease that has developed in the wake of heavy late April-early May rainfall. Heavy rainfall during the flowering stage can cause a fungus disease on wheat heads called fusarium, according to agronomists. The USDA slashed its estimate of soft red winter wheat production by 31% on the May Supply-Demand report due to a sharp cut in the planted area. If disease is not controlled crop production may shrink even further.

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Nationally 25% of soybeans were planted by May 16th compared with 44% on average, but this statistic hides large differences between the major producing states in the Midwest. Nebraska soybeans were 62% planted by May 16th, but virtually no soybeans were sown in Illinois and just 6% in Indiana and 9% in Missouri.

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