2010: A Year in Review and How to Prepare for 2011

Published on: 15:16PM Dec 07, 2010

Eric Tedford

As the first day of the millennium’s second decade approaches, we can all look forward to a clean slate and a fresh start to a new growing season. But before we move forward, it’s important to take a look at this past year in order to properly prepare for the next.

The 2010 season proved challenging as many states faced grueling humidity and rain, others suffered from drought and nearly all endured extreme heat. The unfavorable weather created a variety of obstacles for growers, including disease in corn and soybean.

Reports from the University of Missouri say the hot, wet weather may have helped fuel the development of diseases like Septoria brown spot and frogeye leaf spot in soybean, and gray leaf spot, anthracnose leaf blight and common rust in corn (see photo). Each of these diseases reduced yields and impacted the health and strength of the plant.  


While there is no guarantee what challenges will arise next season, you can be proactive and help prevent yield loss by protecting your crops with a fungicide application. Applying a strobilurin fungicide with preventive and curative action can deliver long-lasting, broad-spectrum disease control as well as provide many physiological benefits to plants. Physiological benefits, including greener plants, fuller pods in soybean and more kernels and bigger ears in corn, can significantly improve the health of the plant even when disease pressure is low.


So, with this season’s harvest behind us, let’s look ahead to the first season of a new decade and plan to make it the most successful one yet! 


What other steps are you taking to prepare for next season?