2010 Resistance Fighter of the Year Winners

Published on: 11:14AM Mar 08, 2011

Chuck Foresman

As manager for weed resistance strategies for Syngenta, my number one priority is helping producers fight weed resistance.  But, obviously, the war on glyphosate resistance cannot be fought by one person.  Syngenta understands that consultants, retailers and county extension agents across the U.S. are playing a vital role in helping producers combat weed resistance and believes they deserve to be recognized for their efforts.  That is why we launched The Resistance Fighter of the Year program.

Once again, we received top-notch nominations for individuals who are making a significant difference in their region and, in many cases, beyond.  After much deliberation, our judging panel of Syngenta personnel, university weed scientists and former Resistance Fighters of the Year selected:
  • Southern winner Keith Baioni, business manager of crop protection products, for Jimmy Sanders, Cleveland, Miss.
  • Northern winner Steve Muhlenbruch, agronomist for Farmer's Cooperative Company, Dows, Iowa
Both Keith and Steve have built their weed resistance management efforts on a strong foundation of education and one-on-one advising.  They utilize all tools at their disposal and continue to look for new ways to stay ahead of resistant weeds.  Because of their efforts, producers are turning back the tide on resistance and seeing the benefits of sound weed management.

Syngenta Manager of Weed Resistance Strategies Chuck Foresman is an expert in weed resistance, having worked extensively with many universities and research associates around the globe on the subject. He holds a bachelor's degree in agronomy from Western Illinois University along with a master's degree in agronomy from the University of Wisconsin.