25 years of CRW control: A Force® to be reckoned with

Published on: 14:10PM Apr 08, 2013
For decades, the battle against the "billion-dollar bug" has raged across the Midwest. And although corn rootworm and the technologies used to control it have changed, one thing that Midwestern farmers have been able to rely on for 25 years is the consistent control provided by Force® soil-applied insecticide.

ForceOnTrait Roots 2
Caption: Force + CRW Trait (left) vs. CRW Trait Alone (right) 

Jim Plummer, an Iowa retailer agrees.  "I have seen excellent rootworm and early-season pest control in the fields I have scouted since Force insecticide came out and I am extremely happy with it."
Bt corn rootworm traits provide farmers with a convenient method for controlling corn rootworm; however, recent instances of unexpected corn rootworm damage and difficult-to-control populations have shown the value of applying Force insecticide to Midwestern corn acres, perhaps now more than ever.
"As a leader in corn insect control, we’re committed to sustainable, long-term management of corn rootworm, and for the last 25 years, Force insecticide has been a proven and reliable tool for effective corn rootworm protection," said Geoff Lower, insecticides product lead with Syngenta. "Force is an important product in our portfolio and it will continue to be a key part of our customers’ rootworm management strategies as we help them grow more corn."
In addition to consistent CRW control, benefits for farmers from Force include:
  • Stronger root systems that maximize the corn plant’s uptake of water and nutrients
  • Increased standability for a faster, more efficient harvest
  • Flexibility to choose the application method and equipment that best fit their operation
  • Simplicity to use any herbicide program
 "Syngenta recognizes the importance of adding value for our customers, and for the last 25 years, Force has done just that."

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